Dunmow Rhodes Youth FC

M.R.F.A. are committed to giving the best coaching to as many players possible.  At the beginning of 2014, the M.R.F.A. team joined up Dunmow Rhodes Youth FC.  With Dunmow Rhodes being the largest team in the Uttlesford district, it is a great opportunity to provide our unique coaching to all the junior teams.

Dunmow Rhodes Youth Football Club was founded in the 1975/76 season by Bill and Norah Pratt. Bill’s vision was to provide football for boys and girls of all abilities and to develop their skills in a competitive environment. Their vision is still this ethos of Dunmow Rhodes Youth Football Club to this day.

Over the next few years, the Club grew to five teams, mostly managed alone by Bill and during the 1980/81 season the first Management Committee was formed under the Chairmanship of Barry Warren.



Dunmow Rhodes now runs 20 teams and will be expanding to 25 teams for the 2015/16 season. The club caters for children starting from the age of 4 and through to senior club football. Dunmow Rhodes is very much a Community Club supporting Great Dunmow and the surrounding villages.

In 2014, Dunmow Rhodes Youth Football Club started looking for a Head Coach who would support our existing coaches in the use of Coerver techniques, and wanted every child to be the best they can be. It was announced that Michael Richardson would become the clubs Head Coach.

The association between M.R.F.A. and Dunmow Rhodes Youth Football Club has helped support children training with the Academy to join a team within Dunmow Rhodes, so they can continue to be coached by Michael and play for a club with the same ethos. M.R.F.A. and Dunmow Rhodes have also developed 3 children to progress further to Professional football clubs.

This is an exciting opportunity for all children in Great Dunmow and the surrounding villages to receive the best coaching within the frame-work of M.R.F.A and Dunmow Rhodes Youth Football Club.