M.R.F.A. Schools

M.R.F.A. currently operate with 9 schools in Essex: Great Easton Primary, Dunmow St Mary’s Primary, Great Dunmow Primary, Flitch Green Academy, Stansted St Mary’s, Hatfield Heath Community Primary School, St John the Baptist C of E Primary (Halstead), Downs Primary and Helena Romanes School.  Within these schools, we provide a variety of P.E. lessons, enrichment classes and extra curriculum clubs.

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P.E. Lessons

One of M.R.F.A.’s main aims is “to use sport to change the lives of young people”.

Children are more likely to continue and develop in sport if they have good memories from the earlier stages of their lives, and a child’s first introduction to sport is through PE lessons.  We feel this important to remember when teaching young children and we ensure every lesson we provide is an enjoyable one, contained with fun and excitement.

It is M.R.F.A.’s policy and priority to ensure what we deliver is to an excellent standard and we will always put the most talented, expert coaches forward for the job so you know your students will be getting the most out of the M.R.F.A. experience.  M.R.F.A. adhere to this policy by using our very own syllabus (more details of our syllabus can be found below).

Extra Curriculum Clubs

Alongside our work during school hours, M.R.F.A. also provide extra curriculum clubs.  These include:

  • Breakfast clubs
  • Lunchtime clubs
  • After school clubs

Although football is our main base, M.R.F.A. offer a wide range of sports to coach at these clubs.  These include:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Multi-sports

Our Syllabus

When establishing M.R.F.A., we wanted to provide children with the best possible experience when learning about sport and understanding the technical aspects that come along with it.  With this in mind, we have put together our own P.E. syllabus.  Each lesson is carefully planned and designed to make sure every child enjoys the lesson, whilst developing at their own pace and gaining confidence.

As a class full of children will have mixed individual levels, it puts our syllabus to perfect use as we plan and think about the core aspects to bringing a child to the level they should be.

Our lessons will help them improve and develop, and most of all, have fun!