FREE schools coaching

M.R.F.A. is offering your school FREE coaching sessions!  Check out our promo video to see what we could deliver in your school:

Currently, M.R.F.A. provide P.E. lessons and school clubs to nine schools in Essex, and within these we encourage children to get more involved in sport, help them learn to enjoy it and discover why it’s so important.  We use a unique style of coaching and work from our own tailored syllabus that meets individual student needs and their different development stages.

After all, children are more likely to continue and develop in sport if they have good memories from the earlier stages of their lives.

To help us, and you, implement more sports and fun lessons in our local communities, we would like offer your school FREE coaching sessions!

All you have to do is fill out the form below to nominate your school/your child’s school.


Free Schools Coaching