Tottenham sign M.R.F.A. player

Well, what can we say?!  We’re absolutely thrilled that one of M.R.F.A.’s players, Charlie Warren, has been signed for Tottenham Hotspurs under 9’s as their goalkeeper!  Charlie has been with us for over twelve months and has been outstanding in his performance and passion for football.  He has really set the standard that children his age and younger should aspire towards – his attitude and drive to learn has been incredible to watch.  And now all of his hard work has paid off!

During the summer of last year, Charlie was invited to train at Leyton Orient as an outfield player.  At the time, Charlie wasn’t quite ready for a professional club so he came back to M.R.F.A., where he signed up to our first Development Group in September 2014 and attended every week.  During his time at the Development Group, Charlie was always eager to learn new things and ready for the next phase of his development.

Here’s what Charlie had to say about signing for Tottenham, “I’ll miss playing in goal for Dunmow United and M.R.F.A. with my friends, but I am really excited about joining the Tottenham Academy and training with the Spurs boys.”

It’s players like Charlie who inspired M.R.F.A. to set up the Advanced Academy; to enable players showing potential and professional attitude in games and training the opportunity to develop further, but also give them an insight into the expectations and standards of a professional club.

Of course, M.R.F.A. are disappointed to be losing such a great player from our Academy, but this is the perfect example of what M.R.F.A. has set out to achieve in what we do: helping young players to achieve their dream of playing professional football at a top club.  Coaching our players and giving them advice is one thing, but at the end of the day, it’s the players’ attitude and drive that gets them where they need to be, and this is a well-deserved opportunity for Charlie.

We wish Charlie all the best at Tottenham Hotspur – I’m sure we will be seeing him again (perhaps on the TV in a few years??)