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17th October, 2019

3 Reasons Why Kids Should Join a Football Club

Getting kids off the sofa or away from spending ten hours at a time playing computer games is easier said than done. However, the football pitch brings a wide variety of physical, mental and social skills that will bode them well as they reach adulthood and beyond.


At M.R.F.A. – a renowned kids football academy in Essex, our team of qualified football coaches have compiled three great reasons why kids should get off the sofa and play some football.


  1. Make new friends and develop social skills


Getting children out into new environments like the football pitch is a great way to help them make new friends. In fact, plenty of children join a football club and meet children that becomelife-long friends. After all, a children’s football academy is designed to get kids involved and work within a team, encouraging them to build valuable social skills that will help them later in life. During the sessions, children learn how to communicate new ideas, listen as part of a group, and solve problems as part of a team.


  1. Lifelong well-being


Football is a great avenue for promoting a healthy lifestyle, which can expand into a number of other areas of life. Children who consistently play sports are more likely to be aware of the healthy food choices they need to make in order to perform, which can lead to healthy lifestyle choices and promote regular exercise later in life. Plus, the physical advantages to playing football regularly are well-documented. A fit and active body has been proven to translate into a fit and active mind. As a result, this can help reduce stress and promote positive  mental health for your children. 


  1. Build self-esteem and confidence


We believe that football is a great way to boost a child’s confidence. At our kids football academy in Essex, we teach through encouragement and compliments – as well as highlighting areas where they are doing well and rewarding them for showing endeavour and improvement in those areas.  We understand there is no greater feeling as a child than playing a major role in some sporting success. The respect earned from your teammates is huge and plays a huge part in building a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, playing football can be beneficial to a child’s happiness and success.

If you think your child would benefit from joining a football club, why not get in touch with the team at M.R.F.A. We currently run football training sessions for children ages two and upwards. To find out more information about our football coaching in Essex, get in touch with us on 01371 829 216.