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1st July, 2022

Choosing the right grassroots club for your child

When faced with a football-mad player who wants to join a team, it can be a bit daunting when you’re presented with so many options!

If this is a challenge you’re facing at the moment with your child, here are just a few things to help you choose the right team for your player…

🙋🏻‍♂️Is the environment welcoming?

First impressions count for a lot! If your child has done one or two sessions already at this club, did they (and you) receive a warm welcome from the staff? During training and between training, did you and your child receive clear instructions & communication?

⚽️Regular training & coaching quality

Ideally, grassroots level players want to be receiving at least 1-2 hours of training per week as a minimum. And a coach that is going to make your child feel empowered but also hungry for development and learning is going to be your winner!

👫Team ethos

What’s the vibe like when you turn up to sessions? Are both the players and coaches excited to get started and have a good energy? This will tell you a lot about the clubs’ ethos.

🥅Game opportunities

Does the club offer regular opportunities for players to play against other teams? Putting training into practise is vital to improving technical ability and confidence, so it’s good to be looking out for those clubs that offer regular fixtures.

If you want to join a team that ticks all of these boxes, our Development Centres are for players from beginner level onwards ages 6+, or if you have a more advanced player on your hands, a trial at our new club, FC Evolution maybe better!

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