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31st January, 2021

Football Coaching 101: Why use mini-goals

M.R.F.A. is an Essex-based football academy that aims to give every youngster the best possible coaching available to them. With a number of different centres for both football and futsal based throughout Essex, our training is under constant review in order to maximise the benefits we provide. Let’s explore why we use mini-goals in training.

Improves accuracy

In his autobiography, Stillness and Speed, Dennis Bergkamp details an important aspect of his development was playing games in the streets, where the goals would be represented by a tree or brick. The reason these games were so important was that the goals they had to aim for were so small, thus prioritising accuracy and technique.

The smaller target demands heightened precision and cleaner technique, forcing players to focus on every aspect of their strike. Our mini-goals represent merely a fraction of the target players would have to aim for in a game and thus punishes any player for any fault with their finishing technique.

Promotes outfield play

As the mini-goals are so small, there’s no need to include a goalkeeper in order to defend them. This increases the number of outfield players you have in any game and allows those players to take on more universal roles, helping to both defend and attack. This is why mini-goals are especially important in games for younger players, when there is no need to pigeon-hole them early into specific positions.

Encourages creative play

As the target is so small, this can make the mini-goals easier to defend for opposing defenders. This forces the attacking team to move the ball quickly, to beat the defenders in front of them, and to disguise their passes and finishing.

The smaller target which can be easily covered by just one defender also discourages longshots. This again encourages attackers to take more touches on the ball and to utilise every aspect of their creative and team play in order to work a shot on goal.

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