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25th November, 2019

Girls’ Football: Why M.R.F.A. Is The Only Place To Go.

If you’re looking for somewhere where your daughter can further her passion for football, then M.R.F.A. is the place to go. We’re able to offer your child everything she needs to take part in her hobby and further improve her skills.

The Importance Of A Good Football Coach For Your Child.

It’s the perfect opportunity for your daughter to join a football team in Essex and make some new friends while she’s at it! We utilise local facilities and have uniformly high standards of coaching across the board. Regardless of age or gender, you can rest assured that she’ll be getting the best possible guidance from our team.

A well-qualified football coach is much more than someone who just guides you on how to strike the ball. They offer pastoral support to your child; enabling her to make friends and grow as an individual without any kinds of inhibition. The only thing your child should be worrying about is staying goal-side when that through ball is played!

Girls’ Football In Essex Is More Popular Now Than Ever Before.

It can be an incredibly liberating feeling to be who you truly are; traditionally, football has been viewed as a sport predominantly played by boys. Now though, more girls than ever before are growing up believing that they deserve a place on the same pitch as their male peers. You can well and truly see the confidence seeping into every aspect of the women’s game. 

More than 20,000 girls are now taking part every week at the various Wildcats Centres located across England. Your daughter could be part of that wave of youthful enthusiasm which is surely here to stay. The WSL (Women’s Super League) is definitive proof of the growing popularity of girls’ football. Only a couple of weeks ago, a new league record for attendance was set; the women’s North London derby between Spurs and Arsenal attracted a stadium crowd of almost 40,000 people!

If your daughter is interested in joining our girls’ football team or kids’ football academy, M.R.F.A. is the place to go. Get in touch and book a taster session with M.R.F.A. today to give your daughter the kind of footballing platform she deserves!