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9th October, 2020

How football nurtures creativity

When someone says “creativity”, you’d argue most people think of someone refining an abstract painting, or maybe a writer constructing a poem or a story. Likewise, when parents wonder how to nurture their child’s creativity, the traditional thought is to buy the child a musical instrument.

Rarely however would someone’s first thought be about a footballer. Which is strange considering how many players we describe as being “creative”. In this piece, we tackle the issue of whether or not football is “creative”.

What is Creativity?

Creativity, by its meaning, is merely a synonym of inventiveness. Creativity is the application of one’s imagination to construct original ideas and solutions. Often, creativity is characterised by a person’s ability to generate something entirely original i.e. by finding a solution to a problem through approaching the issue with a unique perception or process.

How can a footballer be creative?

In every game of football, every player is faced with the same challenge: Can I help my team score? The problem footballers have to overcome is that there is an entire opposing team trying to stop them from doing this.

In football, the “creative” players are often labeled as such because they are known for finding inventive ways to break down an opponent’s defence. These players are often the ones in their teams to see and attempt passes or skills that no one else has thought of in the game so far. Football is a game that rewards ingenuity and creativity and the players who tend to be the most creative are often the most highly valued on their teams.

How football nurtures creativity michael richardson football academy

How can M.R.F.A. help?

At M.R.F.A our sessions heavily feature practices that encourage players to find their own solutions to the problems they face in the game. Our session designs allow players plenty of license to be creative and our coaches encourage a brave and proactive use of the football.

Sections of our sessions are dedicated to nurturing the creative side of a player’s game. Our duel’s practices are a great example of this as players must demonstrate a high level of flair and ingenuity in order to find success in these games.

If you want to nurture your child’s creative streak, why not sign them up for a free trial at our nearest Development Centre? Please visit our website at to find out more or contact to get in touch with a member of our team.