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23rd March, 2020

How to stay active at home: Ball and a Wall

How to stay active at home

Despite the lack of equipment, there are near endless benefits of practising using just a ball and a wall! Especially for young players, consistently bouncing the ball off a wall allows them to develop so many aspects of their game. It’s also a simple and easy way to stay active at home whilst making for a great excuse to stay outside.

Players can practice playing all sorts of different passes against the wall, using either foot, different surfaces of their foot, playing the ball against the wall at different heights, trajectories and spins. This also affords players the opportunity to work on their control as they seek to react and receive the ball as it bounces back off the wall towards them. Players can practice trapping the ball, taking a positive first touch, or controlling the ball off different parts of their body, including their thighs and chest.

In this scenario, players can take control of their own development and practice exactly what and how they want in a low-pressure environment. The wall represents an almost infinite opportunity for players to learn through trial and error and is ideal for kinaesthetic learners who feel most comfortable learning through actually performing a task.

At MRFA, we regularly set players challenges they can do using just a ball and a wall through our social media channels on Instagram and Facebook.

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