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17th December, 2019

Kids’ Football Academy In Essex: Frenetic? Fast-Paced? It’s Futsal

Futsal has seen an immense growth in popularity over the last decade. Originating in South America in the 1930s (the countries of which continue to be its keenest proponents), futsal is a form of football that places an emphasis on the technical. Featuring small teams, and an even smaller playing space, the ability to think quickly under pressure and execute with composure is paramount in futsal. Our kids’ football academy in Essex offers the chance to play this great variant of the game.

Why We Love Futsal At M.R.F.A.

Asides from being a great game, futsal offers a fantastic opportunity to further your eleven-a-side skills. Some of the game’s current top players, generally the most technically adept players, honed their skills and quick feet whilst playing futsal. It’s also a game where you can show off any skilled moves you have – the futsal sports hall is a breeding ground for flair.

Where The Similarities Lie

Futsal is, in a way, the natural progression from the small-grid-format exercises often used for youngsters learning the game. Having all the physical attributes and spatial awareness to excel on a full-size pitch is fantastic. However, if you don’t have the close control and calmness to match, then it counts for very little. A more holistic approach whereby you practice playing both futsal and regular football to refine your overall game. By joining our football academy in Essex, your child will be able to get involved with that ‘natural progression’.

Some Of The Players To Have Benefitted

You don’t have to go far down the list of top players to find those who started out by playing futsal. In fact, you can start at the very top. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo (the original one) all started out by plying their trade in the sports hall. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement for the game, then the team at M.R.F.A. doesn’t know what is! Just because you’re an uncompromising centre-back or a goalkeeper, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try futsal out. It benefits your game, regardless of your position, and on top of that, it’s incredibly fun.

If futsal, or any of our other footballing opportunities, sounds like something your child or teenager would enjoy, then get in touch and call us on 01371 829216 to find out more about our kids’ football academy in Essex!