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9th December, 2019

M.R.F.A.: Football For The Many, Not The Few

Football is the world’s biggest sport. The sport’s reach and appeal worldwide is truly staggering. With the growth of the woman’s game, football has never been so accessible. Here at M.R.F.A. we believe that your talent within the game should dictate the progress you make on and off the pitch, and nothing else. Regardless of age or gender, the team at M.R.F.A. will dedicate themselves to providing the best possible Essex football coaching for your child, providing a holistic footballing education.

Essex Football Coaching: Enhancing Their Game With An Elite Scholarship

If you’ve got what it takes talent-wise, then why should anything else come into play. Our elite scholarship offers the aspirational footballer the opportunity to grow their game. They do this through a considered and multi-faceted coaching approach. With sessions taking place all year around (come rain or shine), these budding young professionals have the opportunity to constantly work upon and improve their game. We treat our scholarship members as we ourselves would want to be treated, i.e. with respect, compassion and total belief in them.

Growing The Girls’ Football Game

With the women’s game growing at a remarkable rate, especially with the success of this year’s women’s World Cup, gender is no longer a barrier to the game. Running sessions in conjunction with the Essex FA Wildcats, there’s never been a better time for your daughter to get outside, get involved with girls’ football and start practicing her keepie uppies!

Instil The Passion Early

So, your child may be a bit younger – a toddler perhaps? That’s no reason why they shouldn’t already be in love with the sport! At M.R.F.A. we offer pre-academy sessions for youngsters aged between 2-5 years old. Featuring fun games that introduce them to some of the basic themes of the sport (teamwork, for example); these toddler football classes in Essex are the perfect platform for your toddler to dip their toe into football! If you want to join our kids football academy or simply find out more about any of our footballing pathways, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us today on 01371 829 216 or visiting our website!