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9th September, 2019

Reasons To Join A Football Team

Does your child enjoy watching football on TV or having a kickabout with their friends? You may want to consider signing them up to a football academy where they can take their love for football to the next level. Coaching not only teaches your child how to control the ball, but an Essex football academy like M.R.F.A. has benefits for their social skills and health.

From the highly experienced coaches at M.R.F.A., here are three reasons you should sign your child up to a football academy like ours.

Skill Building

Joining an Essex football academy isn’t just about playing a sport. Instead, it teaches your child valuable skills that can be applied later in life. Playing football is a great way to improve your child’s teamwork skills as it teaches them to follow instructions and work with others to achieve a common goal. They are also taught to deal with conflicts and respect their teammates; which will benefit their relationships with peers at school and in the future. 

Physical Wellbeing

Being part of an Essex football team offers more than simply an opportunity to make new friends in the local area. Playing football regularly will improve your child’s health and fitness levels. According to the CDC, children need at least one hour of exercise a day and joining M.R.F.A. is a great way to achieve this. Our football training sessions are a great way to get kids out into the fresh air and running around a pitch; burning off all of their excess energy.

Professional Training

For any kid with a passion for the sport, they often dream of becoming a professional footballer. As a parent, you want to encourage their passions and joining a football academy at a young age can help them get there. At M.R.F.A., we provide training sessions that allow your child to prepare for professional football in a fun learning environment. We have an ever-expanding list of success stories that have come from our academy; including Charlie Warren (Tottenham Hotspurs), George Saxelby (Leyton Orient FC) and Alfie Jackson (West Ham United).

Whilst your child might not score a hat-trick every game, our Essex football coaching is the number one way to build their skills as a team player and their confidence. Here at M.R.F.A., we provide football coaching and goalkeeper training in a number of towns across Essex; to ensure children across the county have the opportunity to play the sport they love.


If you would like to know more about our Essex football academy, get in touch with M.R.F.A. and start training like a premier league player today!