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Our School Sports Education Programme

Delivering Outstanding Physical Education in Essex since 2013

One of M.R.F.A.’s main aims is “to use sport to change the lives of young people”

We have developed a bespoke syllabus that enables us to provide schools with a variety of P.E. lessons, enrichment classes and extra curriculum clubs.

At the core of our syllabus, and through the experience and knowledge of our team of fifteen coaches, we understand the importance and impact that sports has on the wellbeing and mental health of children.

Children are more likely to continue and develop in sport if they have good memories from the earlier stages of their lives, and a child’s first introduction to sport is through P.E. lessons.

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P.E. Lessons

What makes us different is that we often use simple play during lessons – this means thinking outside of the box and taking children on a journey of learning new skills and having fun at the same time.

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Alongside our work during school hours, M.R.F.A. provides extracurricular clubs, including lunchtime activators and after school clubs.

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Our teacher mentoring programme is designed and upskill primary school teachers’ understanding and knowledge in the day-to-day delivery of P.E.

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Our holiday courses are tailored to your school and the needs of your students. We offer a variety of models such as full week courses, two/three day courses and multi-skill courses.

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Our Schools Coaches

Michael Richardson

Academy Director

Sam Patching

Head of Schools

Ben Andreos

Head of Academy & Schools Coach

Luke Balls-Burgess

Schools Coach

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“M.R.F.A. is passionate about getting young people involved in sport and physical activity. Their coaching is of such a high quality. I really cannot recommend them enough to my schools.”

Samantha Patching, School Games Organiser, North West Essex School Sport Partnership

“The lessons are inclusive and accessible to all, whilst keeping the children highly active and stretching the more able.”

Claire Griffiths, Headteacher, Dunmow St Mary’s Primary School

“A parent commented that the mult-skills you’re delivering has changed her son’s life. He has become much more confident and loves the after-school club.”

Head Teacher, School in Essex

“I was genuinely amazed at the number of other curricular subjects M.R.F.A. had woven into a simple P.E. lesson, in addition to the obvious physiological and health benefits: Numeracy, Vocabulary, Strategy (protect vs steal points), Complex rules and algorithms, Physics & Biology.”

Rupert Thomas, Governor, Pebmarsh School