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1st September, 2019

The Benefits of Girls Football

Following the buzz of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, football is rapidly becoming the sport of choice for girls across the globe. And it’s unsurprising to see why! Playing a team sport like this has more than just health benefits, it can support girls in learning important life skills which they will use in later life.

As advocates of girls football and part of the SSE’s Wildcats initiative, the team at M.R.F.A. have put together a list of three reasons why our coaching sessions can benefit girls:

Boost Teamwork Skills

Playing for a girls football club doesn’t just teach girls how to simply kick a football. Being part of a team encourages respect towards your team members in order to work towards a common goal. It also teaches problem solving skills, which can be incredibly useful later in life in work environments or even during their time at college.

Improves Self Confidence

Growing girls can often become very critical of themselves and in some cases have low self-confidence when approaching new things or people. Girls football coaching sessions can provide a great way to work on self-esteem whilst working towards a healthy lifestyle. Not only are they learning a new skill, but they are interacting with a range of people and meeting new faces each week who could go on to become lifetime friends.

Handle Pressure

From exams to socialising, it’s easy for young girls to feel the pressure whilst growing up. By participating in a girl’s football club, they can learn how to cope under pressure while encouraging them to feel more confident in their abilities. What’s more, football can also act as a motivator to achieve bigger and better things; both on and off the pitch.

When it comes to encouraging your daughter to take part in a sport, football should most certainly be considered. Here at M.R.F.A. – Football Academy Essex, we offer coaching sessions to girls aged 5 to 11 to get them involved in sport. Our SSE Wildcats sessions provide girls with fantastic opportunities to play football in a fun and engaging environment on a weekly basis.

If your daughter is looking to join an Essex football session, get in touch with M.R.F.A. today on 01371 829 216.