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31st March, 2020

The Importance of Ball Mastery: Why does it matter?

What is Ball Mastery?

Ball Mastery is the practice of technical routines in a tight amount of space which allows them to get literally hundreds of touches on the ball in a short amount of time. The practice challenges players to control and manipulate the ball with all the different surfaces of their feet. The tight spaces condition players to take complete care with each and every touch of the ball so as to prevent them from losing it.

How does it help?

Ball Mastery practices offer every child the opportunity to develop their technical ability. In a sport dominated by games that use only one ball, a Ball Mastery practice allows players to take as many touches as they want to in order to help improve their skills. This helps a lot of players gain more confidence on the ball as they are now more comfortable and knowledgeable of how to control it.

Ball Mastery practices can be invaluable for younger players who often have the instinct to just kick the ball away as soon as they receive it. Players are encouraged to take more touches of the ball and manipulate it with the different parts of their feet in order to protect the ball better and dribble past players with it.

What does it look like?

Here is an example of one of our Ball Mastery practices.

At M.R.F.A, every session we deliver includes a Ball Mastery activity, affording each player, the chance to develop their technique. If you’d like to find out more about us, please visit our website.