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20th November, 2019

What M.R.F.A.’s Elite Scholarships Can Do For Your Child

For teenagers looking to enter into a sporting career, elite scholarships in football are the perfect way to train as well as complete their studies. A fully fledged football programme will give your child access to the best football training in the world. They will also receive teaching from experienced coaches and training sessions which are tailored towards their development. 

Here at M.R.F.A., we deliver a professional football programme where students can work towards their career in sports while studying for their A-Levels. Below, our team are discussing the benefits of our elite scholarship programme: 

Why join one of our elite scholarships?

Joining a scholarship with M.R.F.A. offers countless benefits; the level and quality of training that your child will receive easily matches that of professional football clubs, if not surpassing it. It is an elite scholarship in every sense of the word. Under the guidance of an experienced and passionate football coach, your child will receive a well-rounded programme that fits easily around the school year with a highly tailored syllabus on top of that. 

With our elite scholarship your child also has access to video analysis sessions and training tracked through accurate GPS systems. This ensures the risk of injury for your child is minimised as much as possible. Our scholarships enable your child to grow and progress to the very best of their natural ability, but to also grow as a person, enriching their development considerably, in the process.

The professional approach

At M.R.F.A. we strive to give your child the best possible education, life experience and advice on a football pitch, regardless of what level they ultimately achieve on the field. We do this by instilling a positivity in everything that we do, and an unrivalled professionalism in how we go about it. If your child wishes to join a football team in Essex then M.R.F.A. is the place to go as you will struggle to find a better kids football academy around.

Fun & friendly team

Do we provide professional quality development for your child? Absolutely. Does it have to take the joy out of the game we all know and love, in the process? Absolutely not. We believe that, ultimately, your child wants to join a football team because they love the sport; however far they manage to climb the professional ladder is almost secondary to the enjoyment they should get from the process itself. Whether your child is looking for an elite scholarship or just the chance to join a football team in Essex, M.R.F.A. is the place to go.

If you would like to know more about our Essex football academy, get in touch with M.R.F.A. and start training like a premier league player today!