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24th September, 2019

Why Kids Need Goalkeeping Coaching

Goalkeeping is one of the most forgotten and neglected positions in football. In fact, there are plenty of players who go their whole career without playing in the position. However, it is important that young footballers get coaching for goalkeeping to widen their sporting career opportunities.

After all, goalkeeping isn’t just about stopping the ball from entering the goal. It teaches a completely different set of skills than field players. As a result, it demands specialist coaching that ensures you’re able to effectively perform during a game. As one of Essex’s leading football academies, M.R.F.A., Essex football coaching, have outlined three reasons why your kids would benefit from goalkeeping coaching.

Improving Your Footwork

From Gordon Banks to Jordan Pickford, the best England goalkeepers have exceptional footwork. They move with precision and never take their eyes off the ball. This is because a goalkeepers footwork can be the difference between saving the game or letting one slip into the back of the net. By taking part in goalkeeper training, children will learn to improve their footwork as drills and exercises focus on speed and agility. This will provide them with a good foundation to improve their role as a goalkeeper.

Working On Distribution

Most goalkeepers are reluctant to work on their distribution. But it’s the easiest thing to work on. All they need is a ball and somewhere to kick or throw it too. As an Essex Football Academy, we’re shocked to see the number of goalkeepers who are unable to throw a ball; or worse, have their defenders do the kicking for them! Goalkeeper training can be invaluable to those looking to improve upon this as it will enable them to increase their distance and accuracy.

Learn Shot Stopping Skills

Shot stopping is a goalkeeper’s primary job. Therefore, if your child is unable to excel in this area, they are unlikely to be successful as a goalkeeper. Fortunately, a Chelmsford football club like M.R.F.A. is able to finesse your shot stopping skills through consistent drills and routines; that will see you saving the ball in no time.

 Develop Your Handling

Handling is the number one skill goalkeepers look to improve on during game play. Having a trainer simulate gameplay by serving or shooting a ball during training sessions can allow children to work on handling for hours on end.

At M.R.F.A., we provide goalkeeper training in Essex to ensure children continue to improve upon their goalkeeping skills in a professional setting. Our sessions cover handling, shot stopping and distributions and are open to both male and female keepers, aged between 6 and 16.

If you would like more information on how your child can improve their skills with goalkeeping coaching sessions, join a football academy in Essex today.