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27th September, 2019

Why Our Football Academy Can Help You

Growing up, it is every child’s dream to become a professional football player. However, according to the BBC, most footballers are scouted before the age of 13 for county leagues. As a result, it’s vital your child has some professional training in order to help them succeed in their football career.

At M.R.F.A., we provide an advanced football academy in Essex for those with a passion for the sport. Our Advanced Academy is an invitation-only club for those who have previously demonstrated an aptitude to learn and clear technical ability. With highly-skilled coaches and a personalised development plans for players, here are three ways M.R.F.A.’s Advanced Academy can help their professional career.

Access To Longer Training

The Advanced Academy delivers an extensive training programme with longer sessions to ensure players thrive. Our skilled coaches follow the our personalised curriculum designed to expose players to different experiences through their time with M.R.F.A.. This helps them get ready for the journey into professional football where performance is continually monitored. Our longer sessions help them build up their skills on a professional 3G pitch to ensure they get the training necessary to play football for bigger teams.

Termly Progress Reports

When training at the Advanced Academy, players must understand that a higher expectation is placed on them. This applies both mentally and physically as well as technically and tactically. Our expert coaches encourage them to perform at the highest standard and continually improve their skills in every session. At the end of the term, each member of our Essex Football team will receive a termly progress report. This is so our players can work within the specially designed syllabus to see where they need to improve in order to further develop their game.

Bigger Opportunities

M.R.F.A. are proud to offer our Advanced Academy team a variety of opportunities they are unlikely to find elsewhere. While we play games with grassroots teams, we also provide our players with the chance to play against professional teams. They also have the opportunity to go on tour with us. We have previously visited Barcelona and Manchester to play against other teams.

Overall, our Advanced Academy works to develop our players skills for the next step; professional football. We teach players that being part of our team not only means possessing the right skills; but also means being a keen team player.

If your child is looking to start a career in professional football and would be interested in Advanced Academy, please get in touch with our Essex football coaching team today. We are currently offering a FREE trial to prospective players before they sign up!