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14th October, 2019

Why Girls’ Football is Growing in Popularity

Unfortunately, girls’ football wasn’t always the sport it is today. It’s only in the last few years that women’s football has gained worldwide popularity but its history goes back further than most people think. In the 1980s, there were a number of women’s football clubs. One club even attracted 10,000 people to one of its games. However, the Football Association (FA) later prohibited women from using the grounds of professional men’s teams between 1921 – 1971.

While girls’ football was once claimed to be “unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged,” it has always pulled in enormous crowds and still does to this day. After all, women’s football is now considered fairly mainstream. In 2019, the Women’s World Cup drew over 10 million viewers and with crowds of girls signing up to Essex Football academies, M.R.F.A. explores why girls’ football is quickly growing in popularity.

The Women’s World Cup.

According to Manchester University, the Women’s World Cup enabled the sport to grow “in popularity and status, with increasing participation, professionalism and media attention across the world”. This year, the Women’s World Cup attracted 10.3 million viewers from the BBC and 7 million in the US from FOX. The increase in media coverage indicates a growing interest in women’s football, both at club and international levels.

Role models for young women.

Building upon the previous point, girls’ football is certainly growing in popularity. Is this because young girls finally have someone to look up to and aspire to? Since her spellbinding performance in the 2019 Women’s World Cup, Toni Duggan is now considered a role model for young female players. Her talent motivates girls to play football and also encourages them to be the future faces of the sport.

Football is an empowering sport for young girls. It encourages them to show off physical skills, builds their communication skills, and helps them to perform well as a team. At M.R.F.A., Kids football academy, we provide everything you could need for your daughter to both take part in and enjoy girls’ football. It’s no longer a game for males and we want girls to have the opportunity to compete.

At our Essex girls football academy, we provide a safe environment for girls to develop the fundamental skills of the game and create the foundations for a lifelong love of football. If your daughter has a passion for football and would like to join a football club like M.R.F.A., book a taster session today!